From writer’s perspective, Scott Leddy is inspired by challenging

himself through creating dynamic worlds that are distinctive,

while exploring ordinary characters with unique perceptions and

circumstances. He enjoys touching the reader and sparking

emotion and losing himself in the fantasy of his creations, while

presenting the reader with an uplifting and inspirational

message.  Being bound only by the limitations of our

imagination, he feels that we are all given a special God-given

talent, that is unique to all of us—a gift that should be nurtured

and shared with the rest of the world in order to enrich the lives

of others. Through soul-searching, we can find hope and

prosperity where hope seems lost. By touching others for the

better, we can enrich our own lives. This is a message that he

likes to promote through his writing.  Look to our hearts to fulfill

our dreams, and wondrous opportunities will open for all of us.

True happiness and serenity is achieved by following our hearts

and aspirations and accomplishing our goals. If we dream it, we

can attain it.

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