Raping America


The Raping of America is written through the point-of-view of a frustrated member of the middle class. It takes an in-depth look at the deficiencies of our dysfunctional government and the failed agenda of the current administration. The publication offers insight addressing such issues as poverty, redistribution of wealth, the government’s attempt to implement socialistic policies, the detrimental effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act, the devastating consequences of our monumental debt, the mainstream media’s role in cultivating the pretense and veiling the corruption spewing out of Washington. Finally, the book examines our waning status as the world’s leading “superpower.” Make no mistakes, our debt is on track to destroy this great nation if something isn’t done quickly to curb our runaway spending and address entitlement reform. You can’t have an effective thriving democracy when more people are taking from the system than there are contributing to it. No country on the planet in the last 5,000 years has ever effectively bought themselves out of a debt crisis. The United States is no exception. The middle class is slowly being phased out by a president set on fundamentally rewriting The US Constitution and America as we know it. Washington preaches income equality and allegiance in supporting the poor and middle class, but under this president the disparity of wealth between the rich and poor has grown substantially. Washington refuses to abide by the laws of The Constitution written “by the people…for the people!” They frequently ignore and break these laws devised to protect average American citizens from an overbearing, overregulating government. The president and Congress continually grant themselves and large corporations special privileges and entitlements not afforded to the rest of society. They hold themselves superior to those they swore to protect. Washington now caters to unions and special-interest groups that offer massive campaign contributions. Backroom deals and collusion between unions, big businesses and politicians muffle the voice of the common man. Congress and the president exempt themselves from restrictive overbearing polices force-fed to middle-income Americans—policies that are not only harmful to our fragile economy, but also degrade the quality of life. As American citizens we have become disengaged and complacent. In the sixties and seventies our nation protested against oppression and injustice. Today we allow elected officials to take advantage of us because we are either too afraid to voice our opinions or we are too focused on our own lives to ponder the “big picture” or the “end game.” If we as a society don’t rise up soon and reclaim our freedoms, our great republic may soon be a thing of the past.